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Statement of Youth

The 1980's saw arguably the largest leap in UK climbing standards of any given era. This quantum leap in ability occurred thanks to a new dedication to train and give everything to the send. At the start of the decade the french sport grade of 7b+ was at the limit of what was possible, by 1990 the world's first 9a defined the limits of sport climbing. Hard climbing had changed beyond all recognition, in the process casting the die for a model of climbing that would see a steady curve of progression in all disciplines of the sport through to this very day.

A small group of climbers would do anything to climb full-time. From shoplifting for food and clothes to sleeping underneath crags, their dedication saw no bounds. Living outside the rest of society, these climbers went on to become some of the most influential characters in British climbing. This is their story...

Video courtesy of UKClimbing.com