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Christmas Gifts for Climbers & Runners 2021 | Buying Guide

by the Rock+Run Team

Do you know someone who is obsessed with climbing or running, or know someone that has recently taken either up as a hobby and you haven't any idea of what to get them for Christmas? Then worry no more! This guide gives you some ideas of what to get someone who boulders, sport climbs, trad climbs or is a trail and mountain runner. 

We here at Rock+Run are a mix of all three disciplines of climbers, and we all love a good fell run as well, so trust us when we say we know what climbers and runners want this Christmas!

Your loved one receiving a climbing or running related gift will already likely have a pair of climbing or running shoes, which makes your life easier as they are hard to get right, especially when buying for someone else! Here we look at gift ideas where you don't have to worry about size and fit. 

Gifts for Boulderers

Boulderers do not need as much gear as other climbers, though what we suggest covers all the essentials.

Chalk bags or buckets are the number one gift idea for them. We offer a huge range, from quite delightful options such as the 8BPlus range, where they can be put round the waist or left on the floor to use before climbs, to the more practical DMM Edge Bouldering Chalk Bag. The DMM bag offers a zip pouch for your phone, as well as multiple slots for chalk brushes.

Speaking of chalk brushes, this is something that every boulderer needs, to brush excess chalk off holds. Our very own Rock+Run Boars Hair Brush 3 Pack are a great idea, with plenty of colour options and all round performance. For something a bit different to add to a boulders arsenal; we like the Mammut Sloper Brush, it makes light work of brushing excess chalk off sloping holds.

Another commodity items boulders use a lot of is climbing chalk. Why not splash out on some premium chalk from FrictionLabs.

Anyone who spends time bouldering outdoors will want some form of bouldering pad. For any boulderer who has yet to purchase one, or has mentioned they want another, this might just make their Christmas! Although the price point is higher than our other suggestions, pads are a must when bouldering outdoors. They provide a safer landing, especially on higher problems or when bouldering alone. We recommend the Moon Saturn as a large option and the Metolius Basic Pad as a small option.

At Rock+Run, we offer smaller, thinner pads to complement the bigger pads someone may already own, perfect for low traverses and putting over rocks a more conventional pad can't cover. 

Gifts for Sport Climbers

Sport climbers will likely already have enough kit to keep them safe when out at the crag, but you can never be too careful! Below you will find much needed gear to add to their collection. 

We think you can never have enough quickdraws, an essential piece of kit for attaching to a bolt and then to the rope, thus, catching the climber in the event of a fall. We recommend having various sizes, which can make lead sport climbing much easier. The Black Diamond HotWire Quickpack is a great option, as well as the Fixe Orion V2 12cm. Both are packs, great for beginners and the more experienced alike. If you are looking at top of the range, look at the Alpha Sport, made in Wales by DMM, a world renowned climbing brand.

Sport climbers, like boulderers, also need a good chalk bag to attach round their waist. Our recommendations would be the DMM Traction Chalk Bag and the Moon Sport Chalk Bag. Both include a belt so the receiver can get straight out to the crag!

Another piece of kit we really like is a lanyard. Lanyards are most commonly used in sport climbing when clipping in at belays. Lanyards are much easier to use than messing around with slings and quickdraws in these situations. We would recommend the Petzl Connect Adjust and Camp Swing

Gifts for Trad Climbers

Our recommendations below are items that are a great addition to an already competent trad climber...

Most trad climbers will have a rack of nuts, but may not have another type of protection to complement this. Offsets are a great addition to any trad climbers harness, and we highly recommend them. The DMM Offsets are perfect, offering protection in cracks in the rock that conventional nuts may not. 

Belay devices are also a great gift idea. Newer trad climbers may have a traditional belay device, but may want to progress to a belay device that offers guide mode, something useful when in the mountains in a multi-pitch environment. We really like the DMM Pivot, the Black Diamond ATC Alpine Guide and the Edelrid Mega Jul.

The best gift a trad climber could ever want, is a camming device. These items are great for placing protection but buying dozens can come at a bit of a cost for them! Helping them build their collection by purchasing one will get them quite excited. We are huge fans of the DMM Dragon Cams and the Wild Country Friends. If you're feeling really generous, we offer both these models in various sets, which can be found here. 

Gifts for Runners

As well as climbing, we know that there a lot of runners out there in need of something this Christmas. If your loved one is a long distance fell runner, or just starting out then we have a few ideas for you on what to get them.

We absolutely love our very own Rock+Run Hipsac. Everyone working here has one and uses it for any short to mid-length trail run to carry our phone, keys, wallet, spare jacket, water, food, first aid kit... you get the picture. It can carry a lot, is super comfortable and simple to use.

Socks... sounds boring right? But for any runner, apart from shoes, are the most essential bit of kit. We highly rate the Injinji range, as they help stop feet from rubbing and are really breathable. For the winter months, we recommend the Injinji Trail Midweight Mini Crew, slightly thicker than the Original Weight Mini Crew and keep the feet warmer. We also rate our Lorpen collection, with a few of us here using the Lorpen Trail Running Padded, as it provides more padding for longer trail runs. 

Thinking outside of the box, running crampons are also a really useful piece of kit. When it's snowy and icy outside (or even muddy), the runner in your life can still get outside and hit the trails knowing they won't be slipping and sliding allover the place. We like the Kahtoola EXOspikes, as they fit over nearly every running shoe and provide excellent grip. We also like the Nortec Trail Spikes as they are extremely lightweight offering great stability and grip. 

Anything else

There are a few items that all four may want. It's pretty cold at the moment, so any of our beanie's may be a great idea when walking to a crag or when resting between boulders. We have lots of Black Diamond options at the moment. We particularly like the Dome Beanie, which keeps you warm and fits under a helmet without compromising on the helmets fit. The great designs of the Pom Beanie are also a winner. 

You also can't go wrong with climbing guidebooks. We have an abundance of options and as long as you know the area and type of climbing your loved one is doing, then you should be able to purchase the right one. For anyone bouldering in the Lake District, we love Lake District Bouldering, it covers every area of Cumbria. They will likely never need another bouldering book for the Lakes ever again! For any sport climber based in Scotland, there is a book which offers every sport crag north of the border, Scottish Sport Climbs ticks this box very well. For any trad climber based in Pembrokeshire, Pembroke Rock is a must have. For any others, check out our entire range of climbing guidebooks

Looking for more?

If none of our chosen suggestions are suitable we also have more hand picked recommendations on our Christmas Gift Ideas product pages.

If you're still unsure, contact us. Please drop us an email (info@rockrun.co.uk) or give us a call on 015395 64540. We'll be happy to help give advice on what to get your loved ones this Christmas!

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