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Christmas Stocking Fillers | Buying Guide

Christmas is here again and as we approach the 25th, you might be looking for some gift inspiration for the climber, mountaineer or camper in your life. In this short but comprehensive guide, we'll suggest a range of stocking fillers for the different types of mountain enthusiast in your life. To qualify as a 'stocking filler', the items will cost less than £30.

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*Order by Thursday 21st December 2pm with EXPRESS postage for pre-Christmas delivery.

Outdoor Climber

Outdoor climbers will often have a lot of kit already so, here are 3 stocking fillers that should make their climbing life that bit nicer.

  • Outdoor Research Juneau Beanie - The best climbing conditions are often in the cold so, keep your outdoor climber warm with the super Juneau Beanie from Outdoor Research.
  • Moon Climbing Tape 2.5cm x 9M- Rock is tough on a climber's skin, make sure they've got the tape they need to keep on climbing.
  • Flashed Bert Brush - A vital tool to prevent the build up of chalk on holds and keep the crag clean.

    New Climber

    If the climber in your life has just started climbing then there are plenty of small items that will make a big difference down at the wall.

    • Black Diamond Mondito Chalk Bucket - A chalk bag is an essential for newer climbers.
    • Peak Chalk Chunky Chalk - Your new climber will need some chalk to go with their new bag and this chunky stuff from Peak is perfect.
    • ProBalm Fodder 45g - The hardest bit about starting climbing is the damage it does to the skin on your hands, but this Hand Cream from ProBalm is the perfect moisturising tonic.

    Indoor Climber 

    Experienced indoor climbers, like outdoor climbers, will probably have everything they need but here are some fillers to make their life nicer too.

    • Boot BananasA must have accessory for indoor climbers and your nose.
    • YY Elastic Bands - Climbing indoors can be incredibly strenuous on your climber's body so make sure they warm up and rehabilitate properly with these great exercise bands from Y&Y.
    • FrictionLabs Secret Stuff (Alcohol Free) - Often our secret weapon at the climbing gym, this liquid chalk from FrictionLabs is unbeatable for keeping those hands sweat free in the warmest environments.

    Winter Climber 

    Winter climbers are, arguably, the most difficult to buy for. Winter and alpine kit is pretty specialist and can demand big bucks but, here are some smaller stocking fillers that shouldn't break the bank.

    Camping and Travel

    Unlike climbers, campers and travellers are a little easier to buy for at the stocking filler price point, here are 3 things we think they'll love.


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