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Mammut Bionic CrossLock Twist Lock

The Mammut Bionic CrossLock Twist Lock is an auto-locking carabiner with a cross-loading prevention mechanism that works in two directions for quick and easy use with one hand.

This type of carabiner is perfect as a belay carabiner, but doe to the less fiddly cross bar, this biner is easier to use in general rigging situations.


  • Unique anti-crossload mechanism
  • Patent pending
  • Very simple operation with only one hand
  • Convenient handling when securing with any securing device or knot thanks to large curve radius


  • Gate Closed kN: 20
  • Gate Open kN: 7
  • Keylock: Yes
  • Minor Axis kN: 9
  • Width Widest mm: 78
  • Length mm: 112.5
  • Material: Alloy
  • Weight: 96g