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Black Diamond Camalot C3

The Black Diamond Camalot C3 climbing cam has an incredibly narrow head profile for fast, secure placements where other cams can't even think about going when climbing. Its head is 30% narrower than any three or four-cam unit available. This cam enables you to place gear in that tiny solution pocket your finger won't even fit in.

The C3 uses interlocking lobes and an internal, dual-stem design to achieve its slim profile and smooth action. Independent trigger springs allow each cam lobe to operate freely and to fit tiny irregularities in the crack. The large thumb loop makes this Black Diamond cam easy to place when you're pumped stupid and allows you to clip in short while aid climbing for that extra two inches of reach.


  • Camstops: Yes
  • Extendable Sling: No


Size Weight Strength Range (mm) Colour
000 55g 4kN 7.8-12.9 Grey
00 57g 6kN 9.0-13.7 Purple
0 59g 7kN 10.7-15.8 Green
1 62g 10kN 12.0-18.8 Red
2 66g 10kN 14.2-22.6 Yellow

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