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Bleaustone Compact Fingerboard


Designed with one-armed deadhangs in mind, the Bleaustone CompactBoard has been kept narrow to allow the climber to stay as central as possible within the doorframe during passive and active hangs. The symmetrical nature and progression of small holds also permits effective two handed training for beginner and intermediate climbers to help work towards one armed deadhangs at a later date. The CompactBoard has the following features:


  • 1 x Central positive cling crimp - specifically designed for one-armed pull-ups.
  • 2 x Small flat crimps / medium three finger open holds.
  • 2 x Small open hand / sloping crimps.
  • 1 x Hard central sloper (can be matched & half crimped).
  • 2 x Medium cling grips / large open hand.
  • Narrow width to keep the climber away from the doorframe.
  • Progressive hold sizing to challenge and vary deadhangs.
  • Super smooth BleauStone texture to minimise skin wear whilst maintaining friction - sore skin is no longer a limiting factor.
  • Dimensions: 40cm x 15cm