Bouldering and Training

Bouldering and Training has become a huge part of climbing. Bouldering is now a sport of its own whilst there is now huge emphasis on training correctly and safely for gains in strength and power that will improve your climbing ability. There are lots of training equipment and training aids available for climbing training, including campus rungs and fingerboards. It's also important to have a good landing pad when outside bouldering, to protect you from rocky ground and uneven surfaces. 

We stock a wide range of bouldering equipment and training aids from all the leading brands, including a massive collection of bouldering crash pads. If you need any help choosing the right gear for you, please call our team.

Check out our collection below, and for some training guidance and additional info read some of the Rock + Run training articles here: 'Fingerboard Training Guide', 'Pull-up Bar Exercises for Climbers', 'Beastmaker 1000 Training Plan', 'Beastmaker 2000 Training Plan', 'Training Guide for the Metolius Simulator Fingerboard', 'Rock Rings Training Guide'. Don't forget to check out our latest deals page too for money saving offers on outdoor gear...


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