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Christmas Gift Ideas: New Climber

Our Christmas Gift Ideas include a hand picked selection of items that would make great Christmas gifts for a new climber.

Generally speaking the basic equipment that nearly all climbers will need are: rock climbing shoes; a chalk bag and some chalk; a climbing harness with a belay plate and carabiner. After these basics, a climbing rope would be the next item on the list.

You may notice we have not put any rock climbing shoes on this page. For the unaware, rock climbing shoes are quite different to normal footwear and there are many different styles and fits. As such unless you have been asked for a specific size and model we wouldn’t recommend buying a new climber a pair as a gift.

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PowerFingers £23.95 £27.50
10 reviews
6 reviews
Petzl Grigri £67.95 £80.00
7 reviews
5 reviews
DMM Mantis £17.95 £20.00
3 reviews
4 reviews
La Sportiva Tarantula £71.95 £80.00
6 reviews
Moon Dust Chalk Ball £1.80 £2.00
1 review
Black Diamond Momentum Harness from £39.95 £57.50
3 reviews
Evolv Elektra Womens £67.95 £85.00
2 reviews
Evolv Defy £67.95 £85.00
3 reviews
1 review
1 review
YY Plasfun £49.50 £55.00
1 review
2 reviews
Moon Cypher Pant £62.95 £70.00
DMM Puma Womens Harness £63.75 £75.00
Mammut Gym Basic Chalk Bag from £6.50 £13.00
YY Elastic Bands from £5.85 £10.00
Black Diamond Drop Zone £196.00 £280.00
ProBalm Fodder 45g £8.95 £10.00
Moon Aerial Pack £95.95 £120.00