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Climbing Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance

Climbing rope maintenance might not be top on your list of priorities but ropes get dirty with use, there's no avoiding it! Even with your best efforts to keep stuff clean, your climbing ropes and equipment will get mucky, especially if you climb outdoors. Giving your rope and gear a periodical clean, can help extend its lifespan and encourage continued good performance.

We stock a wide range of cleaning products from leading brands such as Beal and Sterling Ropes, that can be used to brush and wash your ropes. We also have a cam lube from Metolius that gets rid of dirt and stops sticking, keeping your hardware in good working order too.

If you need any help on choosing the right cleaning products and info on how to clean your gear properly please call our team, and you can also get more info from our Rock + Run articles below:

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Beal Rope Cleaning Brush £13.50 £15.00
4 reviews
Beal Rope Cleaning Fluid £10.80 £12.00
2 reviews
Beal Rope Marker £9.90 £11.00
1 review
Metolius Cam Lube £4.95 £5.50
2 reviews
1 review