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Mid Grade Trad Rock: Western Dolomites Vol 2


The Mid Grade Trad Rock: Western Dolomites Vol 2 guidebook is part two of a two part climbing guide series for all the mid grade traditional routes in the Western Dolomites.

First is a quick explanation of the two volumes, as it is a little confusing as to why there are two separate guidebooks produced at the same time to overlapping areas, rather than just producing 1 guide. Volume 1 is primarily a reprint of the original edition (single volume 2009), and volume 2 features new route descriptions. 

What this means is, if you happen to own the 2009 guide, then the Volume 2 will be sufficient, otherwise consider purchasing both volumes.

Onto the guide itself, volume 2 covers a selection of routes in the following areas;

  1. Odle, Puez, Putia
  2. Sassolungo
  3. Sella
  4. Catinaccio
  5. Pale Di San Martino
  6. Agner
  7. Pale Di San Lucano

The guide is entirely written in English with a combination of photo topos and route descriptions, clearly broken into the separate pitches.


  • Country: Italy
  • ISBN10: 8897299105
  • ISBN13: 9788897299103
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 264
  • Page Size: 150mm x 210mm
  • Publisher: Idea Montagna (Editoria E Alpinismo)
  • Region: Dolomites
  • Manufacturer: Idea Montagna