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Fixe Fanatic 8.4mm 50m


The Fixe Fanatic 8.4mm x 50m is aimed at climbers who are wanting a pair of durable half ropes for week in, week out traditional climbing.

Why pick a 8.4mm rope? 8.4mm is approaching the upper end of of half rope diameters these days. This generally makes for a rope that is more durable, can often can take more falls than a skinnier rope, works well with the vast majority of belay devices and still handles comfortably.

Why pick a 50m rope? In reality 60m half ropes are more common in the UK, giving you more options, especially when multi-pitching. However if you predominantly climb on single pitch routes, where 50m is more than enough, you will not only save on the initial cost of the rope, but will save yourself some effort carrying less rope on the crag approach.

The information above is applicable to most half ropes of this length and diameter, so what extra features are present in the Fixe Fanatic that you should be aware of?

The heritage. Roca is one of the oldest rope manufactures in the world, and in 2012 went on to form a part of Fixe. With over 125 years of rope making experience and produced in Barcelona.

The construction. The Fixe Fanatic is made with their 'Classic Plus 48' braid, which uses 48 strands, more than the common industry strand count of 42. Making for a tighter and more durable weave.

The treatment. The Fixe Fanatic has no additional chemical treatments, which is better for the environment, as not all ropes need a dry treatment. In the case of Fixe ropes, the unique construction makes for a more durable rope from the start, which is what basic chemical treatments are looking to do anyway.

If you are are looking for a set of half ropes from a reputable rope brand that are durable and easy to handle, predominantly for single pitch trad climbing, then the Fixe Fanatic 8.4mm x 50m will tick those boxes.

The Fixe Fanatic comes in different lengths and treatments, along side other models which can be seen in our Fixe Climbing Rope Collection.


    • Diameter: 8.4mm
    • Rope type: (CE EN 892, UIAA): Half
    • Percentage of sheath: 35 %
    • Number of factor 1,77 falls: 8
    • Sheath slippage: 0mm
    • Static elongation: 7.2 %
    • Impact force: 5.7 kN
    • Material(s): Nylon
    • Weight per meter: 46g

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