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Fixe IO 9.4mm 60m


The Fixe IO 9.4mm x 60m is best suited for sport or trad climbers looking for a lightweight performance climbing rope.

For a single rope, 9.4mm is getting towards the skinnier end, which means that the rope is generally more suitable to onsighting and your redpoint attempts, compared to working routes and heavy climbing wall sessions. Though at 9.4mm the rope will still perform under some occasional intense sessions, if your main goal is to look for a rope to take a lot of hammer, a thicker, longer lasting rope may be worth looking at.

Having said that the Fixe IO does have some great technology to improve the durability relative to its thickness. The IO uses Endurance braiding, also known as herringbone braiding. This uses 48 high quality rope strands, compared to 42 strands many other rope brands use. The way these strands are braided makes the IO handle very smoothly and in such a way to reduce friction and therefore rope drag. The Endurance braiding, as its name suggests makes for a longer lasting rope as it copes better with abrasion.

It isn't surprising to see some of the best rope technology available as Fixe ropes are in fact Roca ropes (Roca formed part of Fixe in 2012). Roca have a great history of making high quality climbing ropes as can still be seen in todays range.

At 60m the Fixe IO will have you covered for all trad routes you would want to climb using a single rope and will be with you all the way on all but the very tallest of sports routes.

The IO has Nature Treatment, which is actually a lack of extra chemical dry treating. For its main uses of trad climbing, sport climbing and indoor wall climbing this lack of dry treatment shouldn't be an issue.

The Fixe IO would make a great choice for all climbers looking for a lightweight and excellent handling rope, though sport climbers onsighting and on their redpoint attempts will get the best use from this rope.

The Fixe IO is available different lengths and alongside other models, they can be seen in our Fixe Climbing Rope Collection.


  • Diameter: 9.4mm
  • Rope type: (CE EN 892, UIAA): single rope
  • Percentage of sheath: 37 %
  • Number of factor 1,77 falls: 5
  • Static elongation: 5.3 %
  • Dynamic elongation: 32 %
  • Impact force: 7.9 kN
  • Material(s): Nylon
  • Weight per meter: 59 g

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