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Edelweiss Oxygen II SuperEverDry 8.2mm x 70m


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The Edelweiss Oxygen II SuperEverDry 8.2mm x 70m is a high performing half rope designed for the harshest environments. 

Using the Perform3 and Unicore production methods Edelweiss have constructed the Oxygen II SuperEverDry climbing rope to be both durable and light, whilst also maintaining excellent handling and safety stats. The Edelweiss SuperEverDry treatment provides a core deep barrier against water saturation and with the 'HD Cover', the rope handles wonderfully and minimises 'grab' in belay devices. This reduced snagging on all surfaces also helps improve the ropes longevity and overall durability.


  • Perform3 - Is a method of constructing the sheath and core using cutting edge, heat treated polymer technology. The linear molecular structure of these polymers means the handling and durability of Perform3 ropes is slick and ubiquitous. It also provides a gain in impact force performance - up to 12.5% on a similar diameter rope not using this technology.
  • Unicore technology - Is an impressive process, bonding rope sheath and core together without affecting the rope's handling. If the sheath is cut or torn, core and sheath will remain bonded and synchronised. With a non Unicore (or similar) rope, if the sheath is cut or badly abraded over an edge it will slip, exposing the core and the rope may even break if loaded.
  • Edelweiss apply a SuperEverDry treatment to its fibres. The benefits of the treatment are self-evident: the ropes are lighter in case of humidity, dry quicker and don´t tend to stiffen due to freezing. The treatment is applied to all fibres in the core and the sheath. Comparative tests demonstrate the superiority of this treatment over competing methods of other manufacturers with regards to durability as well as efficiency.


    • Type: Half
    • Diameter mm: 8.2
    • Treatment: Edelweiss SuperEverDry
    • Static Elongation %: 9
    • Dynamic Elongation %: 36
    • UIAA Falls: 7
    • Impact Force kN: 5.5
    • Sheath Slippage mm: 0
    • Proportion of Sheath %: 33
    • Weight Per Meter: 45g