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Ice Axe Accessories

Ice axe accessories and spares include anything from replacement hammers, adzes and picks, leashes, hand supports, guards/protectors, holsters and tape! Our range of accessories can be used to protect your ice axes when travelling, supplement your arsenal and keep your gear in working order. With the range of add on's now available it might even be possible to upgrade your old trusty gear without having to retire it. 

We stock a wide range of ice axe accessories and spares from leading brands such as Black Diamond, DMM and Petzl. If you need any help choosing the right gear for you, or can't find something that you are looking for then please call our team. Take a look at our collection below and don't forget to check out our latest deals page too...


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1 review
1 review
DMM Grippy Tape £5.40 £6.00
5 reviews
Grivel Adze Vario £23.40 £26.00
Grivel Alpine Vario £34.20 £38.00
Grivel Hammer Vario £23.40 £26.00
Grivel Ice Vario £34.20 £38.00
Grivel Mini Hammer Vario £23.40 £26.00