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Mens Base Layers

Excellent for providing warmth, base layers are the first layer of clothing you wear as part of a layering system for optimal temperature. They are designed to draw moisture from the skin whilst trapping warm air, keeping you as dry and comfortable as possible. Good base layers are usually made from wool or synthetic materials, with merino wool leading the way due to its odour combatting properties. Merino wool is also great for those with sensitive skin and has a natural UV protection but it will cost you a little more. Synthetic garments have benefits such as lower costs and can be faster to dry in high sweat activities. There are long and short sleeve options, and varying thicknesses depending on the season or activity you are doing. Which ever you choose, all base layers should be fitted quite tight next to the skin, but feel totally comfortable allowing for full range of movement. 

We stock a wide range of base layers from leading brands such as Arc'Teryx and Smartwool, that can be used when layering up in alpine environments and colder temperatures, or when technical lightweight layers are required in warmer conditions. If you need any help choosing the right gear for you, or have questions regarding any of the products in our range, please call our team.