Totem Cam

The Totem Cam is a radically different, yet wonderfully simple design of rock climbing cam which sticks in placements that other cams can only dream of!


  • Individually loaded cam lobes: this means that downward force is optimally transferred to each lobe of the cam. This is particularly significant in irregularly sided cracks where standard designs can lead to inactive cam lobes.
  • Super narrow head width: The Totem Cams are approximately 10mm narrower than equivalent sized Camalots - a key advantage in pockets and shallow vertical cracks.
  • The option to load only one side of the cam: for aid climbing use it is possible to clip directly into one of the sling attachment points and thereby load only 2 of the cam lobes. This is currently a feature unique to this cam, although it is not recommended for leader protection use as it seriously reduces the stability of the cam.
  • Highly flexible: because the totem cam has no real stem it is highly flexible in all directions.
  • Smooth action: because the wires attach directly to the cam lobes the Totem cam has a particularly smooth trigger action.
  • Because of the innovative nature of the Totem Cam it is well worth reading the instructions supplied with it: particularly the points regarding the optimal range (between 50% and 90% closed), the clipping arrangements, and the lack of cam stops.


  • Camstops: No
  • Extendable Sling: No


Size Weight Strength Range (mm) Colour
0.50 69g 6kN 11.7-18.9 Black
0.65 75g 8kN 13.8-22.5 Blue
0.80 83g 9kN 17.0-27.7 Yellow
1.00 95g 10kN 20.9-34.2 Purple
1.25 109g 13kN 25.7-42.3 Green
1.50 132g 13kN 31.6-52.2 Red
1.80 144g 13kN 39.7-64.2 Orange

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