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Climbing Technology Top Shell Slider Set

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The Climbing Technology Top Shell Slider Set is a Via Ferrata set containing a slider and two K-Advance Shell carabiners, suitable for intensive use e.g. for hire.

Developed in accordance with the new safety standards, the Climbing Technology Top Shell Slider Set has a patent pending SLIDER, (a compact energy absorber) that ensures exceptional progressive braking and low impact force on the user in case of a fall. The set can be used by people weighing more than 40kg (88 lbs, without equipment) up to a weight of 120 kg (265 lbs, including the equipment), but the Slider will work most effectively when the user’s weight is in the intermediate range (60-80-100 kg). The wear resistant cover on the carabiners allows the set to withstand intensive use, making it perfect for group use or hire situations. 

The K-advance Shell carabiners are hot-forged and lightweight and have a double gate for automatic locking. They are easy to use even with smaller hands and have the following main characteristics:

  • Ergonomic shape for an optimal handling, opening system that allows to clip and unclip into protections using one hand;
  • Easy to use by children;
  • Double gate automatic locking, extremely quick and safe;
  • Large clearance for hooking onto big diameter wires;
  • Catch-free nose to avoid snagging when clipping and unclipping;
  • With stainless steel wear-proof protection, for an enhanced resistance to abrasion on wire cables.

This product won the Industry Award in 2009.


  • SLIDER, a compact energy absorber that ensures exceptional progressive braking and low impact force on the user in case of a fall, also when the user’s weight is in the intermediate range (60-80-100 kg).
  • Type K carabiners with automatic double-gate locking system and wear-resistant cover (K-ADVANCE SHELL).
  • Robust and elastic arms to ease clipping and unclipping manoeuvres. The arms are independently Y-connected to the absorber in order to provide the best performance in the event of a load.
  • Central lanyard also connected to the absorber, working as a third connection point to stop/rest on an anchor, if needed.
  • Robust and durable orange loop for the connection to the harness with a girth hitch, easy to install, very sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Compact and strong protective pouch containing the absorber, with a zip that facilitates the inspection of the safety label, in case of a fall and/or before each use.
  • The product is supplied in its proper net bag.


      • Carabiner Included: Yes
      • Manufacturer: Climbing Technology
      • Gate Opening: Gate Barrel
      • Weight: 550g