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Winter Headwear

Winter headwear such as balaclavas, neck gaiters and beanies are used in alpine and winter climbing, and other outdoor adventure winter sports such as mountaineering, skiing and snowboarding, for warmth and to protect the head from the wind, snow and the sun.

Neck warmers, or buffs as they are now commonly called, are a tube of fabric that can be slipped on and off over the head to keep the neck and lower face protected from the elements. Beanies are small hats that can be worn under hoods or helmets in cold conditions to protect the ears and head against the wind, and balaclavas are a combination of the two, with increased protection for the face! 

We stock a wide range of winter headwear that can be used for warmth when braving the cold and wind on your adventures. Take a look at our collection below and don't forget to check out our latest clothing deals too...

Black Diamond Pom Beanie £25.50 £32.00