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Black Diamond Couloir LT

Size: S

The Black Diamond Couloir LT is an exceptionally minimalist mountaineering and ski-mountaineering harness for those who want the most grams saved. This weight is saved from a combination of lightweight materials and trimmed back features.

The Couloir LT combines a techy and breathable monofilament Dynex waist and leg webbing construction with low-profile fixed leg loops that are streamlined for weight and mobility. With the legs being fixed you will be wearing this harness from the offset, but this does noticeably reduce the weight.

Other features of note are the single adjustable speed buckle on the waist to adjust the fit, and a dedicated Dynex single tie-in point to make roping up simple. The Couloir LT also has two gear loops for taking the bare essentials of your rack into the mountains.


A quick video giving a great little visual view of the harness.


  • Breathable, minimalistic vari-width Dynex monofilament construction
  • Single Dynex tie-in point
  • Fixed leg loops for weight savings means you can’t put harness on while wearing skis
  • Two gear loops
  • Four Ice Clipper slots with ice screw slot in each leg loop to reduce clanking
  • Colour coded waist and leg loops (inside/outside) to make putting on harness easy/intuitive


  • Gender: Unisex
  • Adjustable Legs: No
  • Gear Loops: 2
  • Haul Loop: No
  • Ice Clipper: No
  • Quick Buckles: Yes
  • Weight: 115g (M)

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