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EB Strange

Size: EU 45.5

The EB Strange is an aggressive, asymmetrical climbing shoe designed to deliver the perfect fit and feel as you attempt your hardest routes or boulders.

Precise, supportive and extremely comfortable, The Strange is the ideal shoe for a day of climbing, whether that’s at the crag or the gym, with a fast lacing system that allows the shoe to be adjusted quickly and efficiently to ensure the finest fit. These sensations are further enhanced by EB’s EVO Microfiber which seamlessly moulds itself to the shape of your foot whilst the interwoven Antibacterial Silver Thread technology will keep the Strange fresh over longer periods of use.

Featuring a downturned and highly asymmetrical profile alongside a stiff, full length, 5mm Daytona rubber sole, the Strange is primed and ready for the smallest edges, delivering peak power through the toe of the shoe. This means the Strange is particularly well suited to longer routes and sport climbers in search of a supportive shoe to stand on tiny footholds with consummate ease. This is further enhanced by the presence of not one, but two midsoles under the hood of the Strange; combining a midsole across the middle of the shoe with the specialised Flex 5 midsole to maximise the Strange’s ultimate edging performance. Being fully synthetic, the Strange is a Vegan shoe and shouldn’t stretch too much over the course of its life – up to half a UK size.


If you require some assistance with sizing this climbing shoe to your particular needs click here: Rock Climbing Shoe Sizing Guide


Check out the video below, showing the EB Strange in action

Rock+Run Review


  • Upper: Evo Microfibre
  • Lining: Antibacterial EVO Microfibre
  • Sole: Daytona 5mm
  • Closure: Lace
  • Vegan friendly
  • Weight: 460g (size EU40)

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