Climbing Cams

Climbing cams (A.K.A. camming devices, also known as climbing friends, or more correctly Spring Loaded Camming Devices) are pieces of rock climbing equipment that fit into parallel-sided or even slightly flared cracks to provide protection. Cams are classed by climbers as active protection as they have moving parts. They are an important piece of safety gear when climbing traditionally outdoors, they can help you place protection where a nut or a hex (passive protection) might not work. 

There are various types of cams available in many different brands, colours, shapes and sizes. If you need any help in choosing the right protection for your climbing and safety, please give us a call and we'd be happy to help. You can also get more info here in these articles, Basic Rock Climbing Equipment Guide, Cam Size Comparison Chart and read a Rock + Run review of the Black Diamond Camalot Ultralights.

Have a look at our collection below, we have something to suit all crack sizes, and don't forget to check out our latest deals. We have some great discounts on cam sets and some really good individual cam sale prices too...

Black Diamond Camalot C3

Black Diamond Camalot C3

Super narrow head profile for small cracks and pockets.

Size range covered: 7.8mm to 22.6mm

Black Diamond Camalot C4

Black Diamond Camalot C4

Each cam covers a large range thanks to the double axle.

Size range covered: 13.8mm to 195.0mm

Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight

Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight

Like the originals, only lighter.

Size range covered: 15.5mm to 114.7mm

Black Diamond Camalot X4

Black Diamond Camalot X4

Super flexible small cam.

Size range covered: 8.4mm to 41.2mm

Black Diamond Camalot X4 Offset

Super flexible small cam.

Size range covered: 8.4mm to 41.2mm

DMM Dragon Cams

DMM Dragon Cam

Single stem, dual axle cam with grippy cam lobes.

Size range covered: 13.6mm to 114.0mm

Metolius Supercams

Metolius Supercam

Asymmetric cam lobes provide a massive range on each cam. 

Size range covered: 42.0mm to 118.5mm

Metolius Ultralight Mastercams

Metolius Ultralight Mastercam

Flexible and lightweight single stemmed cams.

Size range covered: 8.6mm to 71.5mm

Metolius Ultralight TCUs

Metolius Ultralight TCU

3 cams lobes for narrow placements.

Size range covered: 8.5mm to 33.5mm

Totem Cams

Totem Cam

Radically different design with individually loaded cams.

Size range covered: 11.7mm to 64.2mm

Wild Country Friends

Wild Country Friend

The latest versions of the original camming devices.

Size range covered: 20.6mm to 112.1mm


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