Bleaustone Long Training Fingerboard

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The Bleaustone Training board is a very well designed piece of kit. It covers all the basic climbing hold requirements in an ergonomic and good looking fingerboard.

It is a fairly large fingerboard and at a glance you may think it is devoid of holds. Whilst it doesn't have as many holds compared to other similar sized boards, there is logic in this layout. You will notice that the holds are as afar apart as possible; this gives greater flexibility when training as it enables more room for traveling pull-ups etc. Also because the holds are not directly on top of each other, there is plenty of room to open hand holds with relatively little interference from other holds.

The fingerboard is very deep, this is so that the board can have a grab handle and gives a great full hand sloper. The grab handle can be used by monsters for one arm pull-ups, or it can be rigged with a bungee or pulley system to reduce load. The deepness of the board combined with its size makes for quite a heavy fingerboard, so doubly make sure it can be put up in a suitable location.

The Holds:

  • 2 ergonomic warm-up holds
  • 1 big-fat sloper
  • 2 small slopey edges
  • 2 extra small slopey edges
  • 2 medium flat edges
  • 2 small flat edges
  • 2 two-finger pockets
  • 1 central handle

The Bleaustone Training board is very well designed and possibly features the best sloper on a climbing fingerboard. All core hold types are covered with a great smooth texture.


  • Dimensions 68cm x 19cm
  • Aimed at at mid to advanced levels

Colour may vary: please contact us if you would like to specify a colour and we will do our best to oblige.

Video: See 'Product Videos' tab for fingerboard installation guide.

  • Fingerboard size: 68cm x 19cm
  • Manufacturer: Bleaustone
  • Material dropdown: Wood