AustriAlpin Rockit Solid Quickdraw

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The Rockit Solid Gate Quickdraw from Austrian manufacturers AustriAlpin is a great value, yet high quality, quickdraw ideally suited to sport climbing, indoors and out. The snagless keylock design of the carabiners make clipping and unclipping a cinch, and the chunky nylon sling makes bolt-to-bolting as easy as possible.

The AustriAlpin Rockit quickdraw is a very hardwearing quickdraw and would also make an excellent accompaniment to any trad climbing rack, particularly if the end use is gnarly outcrop climbs (gritstone, granite etc.) where durability and value, not weight, are your biggest concerns.

  • Manufacturer: AustriAlpin
  • Quickdraw betastick: Yes
  • Quickdraw crabgateclearance: 24
  • Quickdraw crablength: 9.8
  • Quickdraw crabstrengthclosed: 26
  • Quickdraw crabstrengthminor: 10
  • Quickdraw crabstrengthopen: 10
  • Quickdraw crabwidth: 5.9
  • Quickdraw slingstrength: 22
  • Quickdraw slingwidth: 18