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Beal Accessory Cord 2mm x 10m Pack


The Beal Accessory Cord 2mm x 10m Pack contains a single ten meter length of the 2mm accessory cord, perfect for dozens of climbing and outdoor applications. 

Light, strong and versatile, the Beal accessory cord is made from nylon and has a high breaking strength. The thinner cords are ideal for replacing shoe laces, guy ropes and to strap on your chalk bags, whilst the thicker cords are great for making prusiks, anchoring and hauling. You can use it to tie up just about anything!  

NB: Colour may vary from that shown in the image. Accessory cord is static only and is NOT to be used as climbing rope.


  • Breaking Load: 70 daN (kg)
  • Diameter (mm): 2
  • Manufacturer: Beal


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