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Black Diamond Camalot x4 Offset 0.4 / 0.5

Size Guide
Black Diamond Cams Size Chart


Size Weight Strength Range (mm) Colour
0.3 71g 8kN 13.8-23.4 Blue
0.4 82g 10kN 15.5-26.7 Grey
0.5 97g 12kN 19.6-33.5 Purple
0.75 116g 14kN 23.9-41.2 Green
1 134g 14kN 30.2-52.1 Red
2 158g 14kN 37.2-64.9 Yellow
3 201g 14kN 50.7-87.9 Blue
4 278g 14kN 66.0-114.7 Grey
5 381g 14kN 85.4-148.5 Purple
6 557g 14kN 114.1-195.0 Green


Camalot C3

Size Weight Strength Range (mm) Colour
000 55g 4kN 7.8-12.9 Grey
00 57g 6kN 9.0-13.7 Purple
0 59g 7kN 10.7-15.8 Green
1 62g 10kN 12.0-18.8 Red
2 66g 10kN 14.2-22.6 Yellow


Camalot X4

Size Weight Strength Range (mm) Colour
0.1 51g 5kN 8.4-13.8 Red
0.2 54g 6kN 9.9-16.5 Yellow
0.3 75g 8kN 12.4-21.2 Blue
0.4 82g 9kN 15.5-26.6 Grey
0.5 91g 9kN 19.8-33.7 Purple
0.75 112g 9kN 24.0-41.2 Green

The Black Diamond X4 Offset is yet another highly useful addition to the BD rock climbing cam range. Building on the success of the super versatile, narrow headed and extremely flexible X4, this Offset version merges the expansion range of two neighbouring sizes to give a better placement in cracks which taper from front to back or in less even slots and fissures - common in british mountain rock and limestone.

Designed to protect where no other cam can, the Camalot X4 Offset merges the unparalleled expansion range of our Camalots with an offset lobe design for non-uniform placements. The X4's embedded cam springs allow for aan extremely narrow head width, and the flexible stem features aluminum protection beads to armour the cable without compromising flexibility. The X4 Offset also features anodized lobes and a color-coded Dyneema sling for quick identification.


Double axle (.75/ .5 and .5/.4) and Stacked Axle Technology (.4/.3, .3/.2 and .2/.1) provide huge expansion range
Narrow head width and offset lobe design fit securely in non-uniform placements
Aluminium armour beads protect cable stem without compromising flexibility
Symmetric swage and hot-forged trigger bar provide strength and ergonomic handling
Anodised outside lobes and lightweight, yet durable colour-coded Dyneema sling for easy identification and differentiation
Cam stops on the larger sizes


  • Weight: 86g
  • Strength kN: 9
  • Range mm: 15.5-26.6 mm/19.8-33.7
  • Camstops: Yes
  • Extendable Sling: No
  • Cam Set: Individual


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