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Black Diamond Hoodwire


Why the wire hood? The problem with wire gates and their construction is that you are left with a hooked nose that can get caught on gear. The wire hood is a neat little idea of getting round this drawback, by providing a surface over the notch in the nose, to reduce snagging almost entirely.

Other plus points are that it won't freeze in alpine conditions or suffer from gate whiplash. Due to the Hoodwire's hot forged construction, no detail has been overlooked, including an optimised nose angle and a wide, rope-bearing basket radius.

This a great snapgate that is lightweight and makes a good choice for those all-round snapgates that are on most racks. 


  • Gate Clearance mm: 24
  • Gate Closed kN: 24
  • Gate Open kN: 8
  • Keylock: No
  • Minor Axis kN: 8
  • Width Widest mm: 60
  • Length mm: 95
  • Material: Alloy
  • Weight: 37g


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