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Black Diamond Micro Stoppers-5

Size Guide
Black Diamond Micro Stoppers Size Chart

Black Diamond Micro Stoppers

Number Colour Size - Depth x Long Edge (mm) Strength (kN) Weight (g)
1 Grey 3.7x5.1 2
2 Yellow 4.6x6.5 3 7
3 Green 5.1x7.5 5 10
4 Blue 5.9x8.4 6 13
5 White 7.4x9.4 6 15
6 Red 8.8x10.04 8 21


Versatile thin crack protection for free climbers and aid climbers. Trapezoidal, these micro climbing nuts have a subtle curve allowing for placements in almost parallel cracks, but still able to work around crystals and other minor lumps and bumps and irregularities. Each Micro Stopper is equipped with a durable, galvanized steel cable.


Copper/iron mix in heads provides bite in thin placements
Patented swage is stronger, more flexible and less prone to fraying

*Sizes 1 and 2 are for direct aid climbing only



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