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Black Diamond Offset Micro Stoppers-2

Size Guide
Black Diamond Offset Micro Size Chart

Black Diamond Offset Micro Stoppers

Number Colour Size - Depth x Long Edge (mm) Strength (kN) Weight (g)
1 Grey 2.5x5.5 2
2 Yellow 3.5x6.5 3 3
3 Green 4.5x8.0 5 6
4 Blue 6.0x10.0 6 10
5 White 8.0x11.0 6 11
6 Red 9.0x13.0 8 18


Passive protection built for flaring cracks and funky pin scars, Offset Micro Stoppers are an essential part of any aid or trad rack.

The Black Diamond Offset Micro Stoppers build on the success of the standard Micro Stopper, a long running stalwart of the BD range, by offering an angled offset designed climbing nut, better suited to flaring cracks, pin scars and many other small misshaped placements.

The copper-iron alloy construction provides excellent levels of bite, holding power and durability in any rock type. Copper-iron offers similar properties to that of brass (as used by DMM for their micro nuts), but is a perhaps a little more hardwearing, yet offers slightly less initial placement bite/grab. The Offset Micro's unique construction relies on a head piece forged onto the cable for increased cable durability.

Strength Specs.
Size 1 - 2 kN (only tested as direct aid)
Size 2 - 3 kN (only tested as direct aid)
Size 3 - 5 kN
Size 4 - 6 kN
Size 5 - 6 kN
Size 6 - 8 kN


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