Bleaustone Training Range 45º Warm Up Jugs

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These warm-up jugs have been designed to be as comfortable and as positive as possible, reducing the amount of strain on the fingers and hands during that all-important training warm-up.

There are 2 left and 2 right-handed jugs with 2 identical central holds, for use with either hand. The left and right holds are marked L and R respectively. They are ideal for all wall angles up to 45 degrees. Above this are still useable for most intermediate climbers, but require more strength.

They can be either bolted or screwed on to the climbing wall.

Design Features
Each hold uses 10mm countersunk bolts.
The countersink on each Bolt-on hold and screw-on hold is smooth to ensure maximum contact for improved strength.
In certain cases e.g. slopers the boltholes are surface-flush with the hold to prevent 'french-thumb'.
Each hold is branded with a Bleaustone logo.
All holds do not use washers or any form of insert as this would only reduce the inherent strength of the hold.

Fixings Not Included.
  • Fixings Included: No
  • Size: 9 x 10cm (approx. each hold)
  • Manufacturer: Bleaustone