Bleaustone Training Range Pockets 30º

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The whole idea of a pocket is to force a climber to hold it open-handed. These 30degree pocket climbing holds are ideal for training on steeper boards to improve pocket strength and will help develop pocket strength on flatter, less steep boards.

Having a super-friendly radii these pockets, even the mono, wont feel like it's attacking your tendons, and each hold is paired so you can easily set up a symmetrical system board.

Design Features
Each hold uses 10mm countersunk bolts.
The countersink on each Bolt-on hold and screw-on hold is smooth to ensure maximum contact for improved strength.
In certain cases e.g. slopers the boltholes are surface-flush with the hold to prevent 'french-thumb'.
Each hold is branded with a Bleaustone logo.
All holds do not use washers or any form of insert as this would only reduce the inherent strength of the hold.

Fixings Not Included.
  • Climbinghold fixingsincluded: No
  • Climbinghold size: 10.5 x 8cm (approx. each hold)
  • Manufacturer: Bleaustone