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Bleaustone Training Range Symmetrics


The Bleaustone Training Range Symmetrics climbing holds have been designed with an emphasis on clean lines and simplicity, and are the hardest set in the series.

Here you will find basic geometric shapes with rounded edges to prevent unnecessary skin damage or bruising - to enable you to achieve the goals of your training program unhindered.

Design Features

  • Each hold uses 10mm(Imperial equivalent) countersunk bolts. 
  • The countersink on each Bolt-on hold and screw-on hold is smooth to ensure maximum contact for improved strength. 
  • In certain cases e.g. slopers the boltholes are surface-flush with the hold to prevent 'french-thumb'. 
  • Each hold is branded with a Bleaustone logo. 
  • All holds do not use washers or any form of insert as this would only reduce the inherent strength of the hold.

The symmetrics are the hardest set of training edges in the series. Each set of 10 has a left/right-hand partner. The set enables interesting problems to be created and mirrored allowing the climber to identify their weaknesses an thus work on them - a step forward from conventional training system training.

The famous Bleaustone fine surface-texture has also been used to great effect on these holds resembling the skin preserving properties of wood but with all the predictable friction of resin.

  • 20 Holds
  • Fixings Not Included


  • Fixings Included: No
  • Size: 7 x 4.5cm (approx. each hold)
  • Manufacturer: Bleaustone


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