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Camp Tricams

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Size: 0.125

The Camp Tricams are a unique range of versatile climbing protection devices that work as cams, but with no moving parts. 

Lightweight and compact, Tricams work well where other nuts and cams are almost impossible to place, such as narrow pockets and peg scars. They operate using a single camming unit allowing them to be placed in very narrow positions, where normal climbing cams (Friend's, Camalot's etc.) will not fit. All the smaller sizes are particularly good in this sort of scenario, with sizes 2 and 2.5 being the right size for many quarry shot-holes. 

In their simplest mode, Tri climbing cams can be placed like a standard chock/nut. However, to take advantage of a Tri Cams full potential in cracks, scars and solution pockets, position the attached sling down between the camming rails, insert into the rock and then give the sling a good yank to "set" the unit. To add security to the placement you can locate the point of the unit in a small depression or place in opposition with another nut.


  • Camstops: No
  • Extendable Sling: No


Size Weight Strength (Cam) Strength (Chock) Head Width (mm) Range (mm) Colour
0.125 9g 3kN 2kN 15 10-15 White/Grey
0.25 19g 5kN 3kN 21 13.5-25 Black
0.5 26g 9kN 6kN 42 16-28 Pink
1.0 35g 9kN 8kN 42 20-30 Red
1.5 50g 14kN 12kN 48 26-38 Brown
2.0 55g 14kN 12kN 48 29-41 Purple
2.5 77g 17kN 14kN 48 32-48 Blue
3.0 90g 17kN 14kN 48 38-54 Navy
3.5 117g 17kN 16kN 48 41-60 White/Grey
4.0 138g 17kN 16kN 48 45-64 Green

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