Charko Eco Grip Liquid

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Charko Eco Grip Liquid is another currently unique product from those clever hombres at Charko. Essentially another liquid chalk type product, Eco Grip offers a twist on similar climbing liquid chalk products out there being an entirely organic, biodegradable product - free from the likes of medical alcohol and thickening agents.

Away from the sales spin, and looking at the product from a purely performance based aspect, we actually think that Eco Grip Liquid offers something slightly different to what's already available, providing an extremely penetrative and durable coating. As the product does not contain alcohol it does take a good minute or two to dry however once it has it does seem to soak in well, rather than merely leaving a layer on your skin as with some standard liquid chalk products.

Excellent for Training Board use: those of you who use training boards, particularly in summer, may practise the 'art' of using a fan to cool your finger tips between periods of climbing. We have found that this Charko product aids this exponentially: as it is water based when you rub a little into your 'tips and subsequently hold your hands in front of a fan, the water based Eco Grip takes a minute or two to dry (unlike alcohol based liquid chalk which dries instantaneously) and this extended evaporation process draws a great deal more heat out of your fingers. Whilst, this may be a fairly esoteric use, we feel it is a pretty unique product from this point of view.

Please note: Charko Eco Grip Liquid does have a somewhat unusual consistency, looking something like a cross between rubber and wall paper paste, this is normal. Also, whilst it says on the tub that you can put Eco Grip in your chalk bag we wouldn't recommend this - we suspect something got lost in translation regarding this selling point.

  • Chalk dryingagent: No
  • Manufacturer: Charko
  • Weight: 100g