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Crusher 3 Fingerboard


The Crusher 3 Fingerboard is an all-round wooden climbing training board designed to improve your open and crimped finger strength, pinch strength, pull up, press and lock off power.

The Crusher 3 holds have been specifically designed to giving a variety of hanging and locking positions, to enable not just finger but all arm and back strength to be developed. With the hold depths ranging from 17mm first digits to 40mm jugs including flatties, slopers, slots and pockets, all the finger positions and combinations you could want are available.

The 17mm deep holds are rounded with a 3mm edge, giving that little bit of bite needed to hang small holds on wood so you only worry about your strength giving way and not the lack of friction. The 20mm to 40mm holds are rounded with a 6mm edge which gives a more comfortable and forgiving edge to allow hours of Crushing time.

The bottom rail of holds contains a 4 finger 20mm deep slot for dead hangs and pulls ups. It also contains 2 finger pockets and monos arranged with the mono at a 5mm shallower depth than the adjacent 2 finger pocket. Thus they can be use together in a 3 finger configuration. This gives a very comfortable and forgiving hold that is ideal for begineers to build up pocket strength or for experts to warm up for a mono session.

The angled holds are designed for pull ups and lock offs in press and squeeze/pinch positions. These holds help your training to translate to real climbing giving varying arm positions and body tensions are trained that dont develop readily from straight arm training.

The holds in the centre of the board are for dead hanging and pull ups and have varying depths to allow you tweak your training. They can also be used when isolation training, for example isolating a pinch or a mono with one hand and using a deep slot with the other to give extra support.

Crusher 3 - Hold Layout:
40mm, 20 degree rounded Jug
40mm, Big Flat Edge
40mm, 20 degree sloper

Four Finger Edges
30mm, 25mm & 20mm

Three Finger Edges

Two Finger Pockets
35mm & 25mm

Mono Pockets
30mm & 20mm


  • Size: 600 x 145 x 40mm
  • Manufacturer: Crusher Holds
  • Material: Wood


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