DMM Sentinel HMS Screwgate 2-Pack


The DMM Sentinel HMS Screwgate is an eye-catching and rather unusually shaped stand out climbing carabiner. 

Far more to it than mere cosmetic appeal however, the DMM Sentinel is not only a very neat and light belay carabiner, but also one that's loaded with several interesting design features. The kink in the spine has real functional advantages. For a start it allows for a bigger gate opening and makes it easier to handle, and it also encourages the biner to stay correctly aligned on your harness belay loop.

The DMM Sentinel HMS is versatile enough to make a good rigging biner too. You can fit a couple of clove hitches on it; plus it has a slightly offset shape that increases strength by directing force into the spine of the biner.

Pack includes 2x carabiners of the second image. 


  • Lightweight HMS locking belay biner
  • Wide gate opening
  • HMS shape encourages correct alignment on the belay loop for correct loading and increased volume to enable improved handling and compatibility with thicker ropes and slings
  • Strong and light I-Beam construction
  • Keylock nose to eliminate snagging 


  • Gate Clearance mm: 20
  • Gate Closed kN: 24
  • Gate Open kN: 10
  • Keylock: Yes
  • Minor Axis kN: 8
  • Width Widest mm: 66
  • Length mm: 100
  • Material: Alloy
  • Pack includes 2 carabiners
  • Weight: 54g


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