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DMM Torque Nut 3


The DMM Torque Nut 3 is the second largest hex in the range. DMM Torque Nuts are cunningly sized and shaped climbing nuts that work well in standard placements but also have an efficient camming system.

Torque Nuts can be used as a wide wedge and the biggest advantage is that they are immensely strong yet very light, and just four sizes cover a very large range. Skilful placement of Torque Nuts will still work in some places where cams simply aren't as effective, especially in iced-up cracks. 

The Torque Nuts have a double Dyneema sling that allows you to easily minimise rope drag whilst reducing the need for extra quickdraws. 

Size 1 - 54g / 14kN / Green 
Size 2 - 70g 14Kn / Red 
Size 3 - 104g 14Kn / Gold 
Size 4 - 146g / 14Kn / Blue

  • Manufacturer: DMM
  • Mpn: A1743
  • Weight: 54g to 146g


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