Edelweiss Energy 9.5mm 60m


The Edelweiss Energy 9.5mm is a slim performance orientated climbing rope, which strikes a great balance between the super lightweight and heavier workhorse ropes.

The Energy 9.5mm utilises Perform3 construction technology to create a product which is designed for weight conscious climbers who want a rope which is light and has a low impact force, without sacrificing performance, durability or security.

Perform3 is a method of constructing the sheath and core using cutting edge, heat treated polymer technology. The linear molecular structure of these polymers means the handling and durability of Perform3 ropes is slick and ubiquitous. It also provides a gain in impact force performance - up to 12.5% on a similar diameter rope not using this technology.

Finally, this rope also utilises 'HD Cover', a production process whereby the sheath yarns are braided individually (rather than in pairs or groups) making a tighter woven slicker sheath, which handles wonderfully and minimises 'grab' in belay devices. This reduced snagging on all surfaces also helps improve the ropes longevity and overall durability.  

Brand Edelweiss
Sub Type Single
Colour Varies
Diameter (mm) 9.5
Treatment Edelweiss HD Cover
UIAA Falls 7
Static Elongation (%) 9.5
Sheath Slippage (mm) No
Impact Force (kN) 8.1
Weight per Meter (g) 58
Dynamic Elongation (%) 37
Proportion of Sheath (%) 38

  • Climbingropes sheathproportion: 38
  • Climbingrope elongationdynamic: 37
  • Climbingrope elongationstatic: 9.5
  • Climbingrope falls: 7
  • Climbingrope impactforce: 8.1
  • Climbingrope treatment: Edelweiss HD Cover
  • Climbingrope weightpermeter: 58
  • Diameter text mm: 9.5
  • Manufacturer: Edelweiss
  • Weight: 3480g