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Edelweiss Energy 9.5mm x 60m Unicore (Blue)


The Edelweiss Energy 9.5mm x 60m is a slim, extremely light, performance orientated climbing rope. 

Striking a great balance between the super lightweight and heavier workhorse ropes, the Energy has been designed for weight conscious climbers who want a rope which is light and has a low impact force, without sacrificing performance, durability or security.


  • Unicore technology - Is an impressive process, bonding rope sheath and core together without affecting the rope's handling. If the sheath is cut or torn, core and sheath will remain bonded and synchronised. With a non Unicore (or similar) rope, if the sheath is cut or badly abraded over an edge it will slip, exposing the core and the rope may even break if loaded.
  • HD Cover - The rope handles wonderfully and minimises 'grab' in belay devices. This reduced snagging on all surfaces also helps improve the ropes longevity and overall durability, and the silky smooth handling and high safety margins make it ideal for trad, sport and any other rock climbing scenario. 
  • Perform  3 - Edelweiss' development for a wide range of dynamic ropes offering improved flexibility, improved energy absorption, increased performance and reduced weight.


  • Type: Single
  • Diameter mm: 9.5
  • Treatment: Edelweiss HD Cover
  • Static Elongation %: 9.5
  • Dynamic Elongation %: 37
  • UIAA Falls:7
  • Impact Force kN: 8.1
  • Sheath Slippage mm: 0
  • Proportion of Sheath %: 38
  • Weight Per Meter: 58g