Europe Sport Vertical


This book is a comprehensive overview to climbing in Western Europe.

This guide crams in a huge amount of information, to many of the hundreds of crags in Europe, by using various icons. These give a guide to the number and grade breakdown of routes, cliff orientation and height, rock type, climbing style, walk in times and how easy it is to find the crag. There are also quality indicators and mini maps. All types of climbing is included but mostly bolted climbs and bouldering areas.

This guide does not show you where routes go but it tells you where to look for further information. It makes a very good book for those traveling around Europe or those who are planning a trip.

  • Guidebook country: OTHER
  • Guidebook isbn10: 1873665210
  • Guidebook isbn13: 9781873665213
  • Guidebook language: English
  • Guidebook publisheddate: 2002
  • Guidebook publisher: Jingo Wobbly
  • Guidebook region: OTHER
  • Manufacturer: Jingo Wobbly