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Fixe Dragon Balls (Small)


The Fixe Dragon Ball holds are wooden holds aimed at climbers operating in the mid to higher grades, designed to improve grip strength through hanging exercises.

The Dragon balls allow you to work on your core, arms and shoulders at the same time. You hang them from a beam or bar by a cord or sling, and pull up on them - the Dragon Balls are effectively spherical climbing holds (the small ones are slightly bigger than a cricket ball) with a looped pin at the top.

Unlike the Lapis Rollyballs, the Fixe Dragon Balls are made from wood which has a couple of benefits; one being that it's more forgiving on your skin and the second is that there's less friction which makes you work harder whilst hanging compared to a resin hold. These holds will improve your pinch stretch where as a hang board focuses on straight hanging on jugs, crimps and pockets which makes this the perfect addition to your training gear.

The difficulty of the grip can be altered by where you place your hand on the suspended ball.

Price is for a pair


  • Diameter (mm): 80
  • Weight: 1.8kg


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