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Fixe Pro Semi Static Rope 10.5mm 100m Reel

Colour: Black

The Fixe Pro Semi-Static Rope is an industrial-grade rope for climbing installations and manoeuvres, both in the working industry and for sports applications. It has a Type A approval, which is the highest in the semi-static category, perfect for vertical operations and industrial installations. 

Climbers are familiar with the Fixe climbing rope series, but Fixe also offers two iconic models in the industry and vertical work sector, the Ranger and Pro Rope. The Fixe Pro Rope is manufactured with a 48-wire machine, with a braiding of 2 by 2 (also known as a“square” braid). This construction gives the rope a smoother surface, reducing friction and abrasion, and increasing durability. The Pro rope is unrivalled and is the go-to rope for professional use.

Semi-static ropes should be soaked in water and allowed to dry slowly. This process allows the rope to shrink by approximately 5% naturally and this shrinkage should be allowed for when ordering lengths.

Nature Treatment

Environmentally friendly. It does not contain chemical treatments and it is specially indicated for working in dry environments.


    • Sheath Proportion: 34%
    • Static Elongation: 3.7%
    • Falls: 13
    • Breaking Strength: 25kN
    • Impact Force: 4.6 kN
    • Sheath Slippage: 0.0%
    • Treatment: Nature
    • Weight/Meter: 72.5g
    • Diameter (mm): 10.5
    • Braid: Classic 36 strands
    • Colour: White
    • EAN13: 8436020120848
    • Standard CEN: EN1891
    • Standard UIAA: 107
    • Type of Rope: A
    • Material: Polyamide
    • Length 100m
    • Declaration of Conformity (Download from Fixe)

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