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FrictionLabs Bam Bam Chalk

Option: 1oz

FrictionLabs Bam Bam Chalk is a high performance, super chunky chalk blend for those climbers that like to feel chunks when reaching into their chalk bags.

Containing chalk nuggets that range from small marble sized pieces to golf ball sized chunks, floating in a fine white powder, this FrictionLabs Bam Bam Chalk is their chunkiest blend, specially engineered for climbing peak performance. No matter which blend you go with, this chalk is going to be much better than anything else you've tried. Longer lasting, no harsh drying agents and better for your skin.

Why is FrictionLabs Chalk so much better than the rest?

Some people say, "chalk is chalk." Not true. A team of world-class geologists and chemists recently conducted independent tests on 5 of the most common chalks for rock climbing. The results were clear: FrictionLabs chalk is the purest chalk and the best out there.

“Chalk C, FrictionLabs, yields the highest Magnesium detection. Chalk C, FrictionLabs, also yields much lower counts for the other elements, hence is the most chemically pure.”

 - Wesley Ingram Ph. D. Geology and Geochemistry Consultant

What is rock climbing chalk?
Chalk is mined as Dolomite, a mixture of Magnesium Carbonate, Calcium Carbonate, and numerous other compounds.

Magnesium Carbonate
When exposed to moisture, Magnesium Carbonate traps water molecules on the inside of its crystalline structure, leaving the surface dry.

Calcium Carbonate
Calcium Carbonate attaches water to the outside of its structure, causing the surface to feel moist and slimy. Not a good characteristic for grip.

So, more Magnesium Carbonate = Drier Hands = Better Performance

All climbing chalks market themselves as Magnesium Carbonate, because that's what dries moisture the best. They mislead you into thinking it's only Magnesium Carbonate when the truth is that they all have significant amounts of Calcium Carbonate and other fillers. Calcium Carbonate - the same stuff as chalk board chalk - just gets slimy when mixed with moisture. When you sweat, keeping your hands dry depends on having chalk that has high amounts of Magnesium Carbonate and low amounts of Calcium Carbonate. Friction Labs had an independent lab test their chalk against the most popular options to see what they're made of. They concluded that, gram for gram, Friction Labs contained over 50% more Magnesium Carbonate than their closest competitor.

Friction Labs use a proprietary process to create high performance chalk with an extremely high Mg:Ca ratio. Because climbers have different texture preferences, FL make their chalk into 3 distinct blends: Bam Bam (Super Chunky), Gorilla Grip (Chunky) and Unicorn Dust (Fine).

In Conclusion
If you want dry hands for longer and maximum grip, you want FrictionLabs chalk.


  • Drying Agent: No
  • Manufacturer: FrictionLabs

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