Grivel Light Machine Ice Axe (Pair)


The Grivel Light Machine is a racing weight ice axe with an interchangeable pick, designed for technical mountaineering and ice climbing. 

With enough bend to give a bit of clearance and a nice and comfortable grip position, the shaft of the Light Machine is still sufficiently straight enough to allow for plunging in soft snow. The innovative 'Slider' grip rest gives enough support for leashless climbing and simply slides up to the head of the shaft for use in walking mode. The rubber handle is relatively narrow and should suit those with smaller hands. Attached to the slider is Grivel's popular springy lanyard and micro screw gate crab - note that these are NOT load bearing however.

Finally, the Light Machine comes equipped with Grivel's excellent interchangeable Mix picks. These are T rated and ideally suited to general winter use (particularly in Britain where you will inevitably be hitting rock as well as ice!). Specific 'Ice' picks are also available for more dedicated water ice use and are fully modular, able to be fitted with either an adze or hammer, or neither.


  • Includes: adze & hammer
  • Leash Included: Yes
  • Pick Rating: T
  • Shaft Rating: T
  • Material: Chromolly Steel
  • Weight: 570g (per tool)
  • Length: 50cm


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