Kahtoola MTN 28 Snowshoe-Crampon

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About Kahtoola MTN Series Mountain Snowshoes
Designed for the technically advanced adventure, the Kahtoola MTN offers the best features in mountaineering snowshoes available and for every level of outdoor enthusiast. They’re adaptable mountain snowshoes for ultra adventures – and with the changes for the 2011/12 model, these are the most adaptable snowshoes on the planet.

What’s new with the MTN Snowshoe for 2011/2012?
Getting outside in the MTN Snowshoe just got a whole lot more interesting – introducing the 'WingSpan ADJUSTABLE WIDTH Technology', now available on both the MTN Snowshoes and RNR Running Snowshoe.

The WingSpan ADJUSTABLE WIDTH Technology, allows you to easily customize the fit of the removable 'Trail Crampons'for maximum comfort and support. Unlike the other snowshoes on the market that take a one-width-fits-all approach, Kahtoola's molded side supports are completely adjustable by YOU to fit snug and secure, no matter what size or type of footwear you choose.

The simple, tool-free WingSpan width adjustment lets you easily change from Narrow to Regular to Wide, providing a snug, comfortable and stable fit whether you’re wearing women’s size 5 running shoes, men’s size 13 insulated boots or anything in between. Just think – every snowshoe you buy from Kahtoola is now a custom snowshoe. Welcome to a new way to look at winter.
Why the MTN Snowshoe?

First, you have the convenience of the patented SKYHOOK step-in technology– complete with an 8-point trail crampon so you can master the iciest trails when a snowshoe is excessive.

Secondly, the MTN snowshoe is available in both 24 and 28-inch (61 and 72cm) lengths to accommodate both day trips and multi-day expeditions.
Finally, the MTN series sums-up the best in adaptability: eight-point crampon to deck with one click, varying deck lengths for any demands and a reinforced lightweight decking.

How is the MTN Series Mountain Snowshoe Different?
Unlike other technical snowshoes on the market, from the likes MSR, Atlas, Tubbs and Redfeather; Kahtoola’s snowshoes are the only mountaineering snowshoes that are truly adaptable. Built to take you from trail crampon to full-on technical mountain snowshoe in a single step - Kahtoola feel there will be no doubt in your mind why we built them the way we did from the moment you take your first step in them.

Kahtoola MTN28 Details
For the ultimate adventurer, Kahtoola's MTN28 mountaineering snowshoe offers an extended deck for the greatest amount of flotation across winter conditions. If you're headed out on a multi-day backcountry snowshoe trip, the longer deck on the MTN28 will keep you moving through even the most powdery and unpacked conditions.

  • Length: 72cm
  • Manufacturer: Kahtoola
  • Size Range: UK3.5 to UK13
  • Weight: 2080g