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Mammut 8.0 Phoenix DRY 60m


The Mammut 8.0 Phoenix 60m climbing rope is an extremely light half and twin rope with a narrow, thin diameter and a low impact force.

These features make this classic Mammut double(/twin) rope a perfect companion for all trad and alpine mountaineering pursuits, from big multi-pitch rock routes to outcrop climbing on your local gritstone edge.

This version of the Phoenix 8mm comes equipped with a high quality DRY™ treatment, for complete protection against water and dirt.


  • Specialist rope
  • extremely light rope, small diameter
  • Phenomenal glide and friction properties on the rock (PTFE coating)
  • Brilliant handling properties
  • Core with 7 inlays
  • 40 clappers

Mammut Rope Finish - DRY™: Innovative technology and the highest protection level offered by Mammut. The ropes of the DRY™ line combine coated yarns, a unique 'Coated Core Technology' and lastly a coated sheath to minimise water absorbency to no more than 1% of the ropes overall weight. This line by definition will also maximise the rope's lifespan by protecting it from dirt and grit infiltration.

Rope Stats

  • Type: Half | Twin
  • Diameter mm: 8
  • Treatment: Mammut SUPERDRY
  • Static Elongation %: 8
  • Dynamic Elongation %: 29
  • UIAA Falls: 20 + (Twin) | 9-10 (Half)
  • Impact Force kN: 5.8 (Twin) | 9.5 (Half)
  • Sheath Slippage mm: 0
  • Proportion of Sheath %: 42
  • Weight Per Meter: 42g