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Max Climbing

Max Climbing Spinchboard Solo


The Max Climbing Spinchboard Solo is a versatile hangboard designed for climbers who want the number of hold types available on a larger board, but don't have the space. 

The two-bolt mounting system allows you to spin the board between different modes, enabling you to train core, resistance or just finger strength on essentially twice as many edges, slopers and pockets than that of a standard board. Attach it one way for the hard mode, or simply flip it to invert the grips, making them all more positive - ideal for entry level users or  warming up.

Please be aware, the swivel function only works if you fit the Spinchboard Solo to a back-board using the bolts and T-nuts supplied (like a climbing wall hold). If you use the more conventional method of screwing the board in place (screw fixings are supplied), it will work as a conventional fingerboard. You will still have the option to flip it (offering more versatility than most boards), however, this will  obviously be a less straightforward process.. 

Main Features

  • Switch between easy and hard mode
  • 4 levels of slopers
  • 4 levels of difficulty per pocket type
  • Two-bolt or screw mounting
  • The threaded holes on both sides allow you to attach optional rings for hanging holds!

Set Includes

  • Spinchboard Solo fingerboard
  • M10 bolts , T-nuts, screws and plugs

*This polyurethane board is designed according to the NEN-EN 12572-3-2008 standard, assuring a strong and reliable design.

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