Metolius Campus Rungs 5 (Small)

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These wooden Campus Rungs are unsurpassed for feel and consistency.

For the truly dedicated "campusing" can be one of the most effective power training techniques known for climbers. Without a doubt wooden rungs give the best overall surface for low-impact pain-free training.

Each 5-pack of rungs comes with the definitive piece on campus board construction and training techniques. All-around upper body strength and dynamic technique gains especially contact (finger) strength.

Most effective at power and pure strength training.

Size: 3/4" (20mm)

16" (40cm) length for even spacing on stock panels
Each rung has a flat and an incut side for 6 total profiles
Precision milled with our own custom tooling. Won't warp like cheap plastic versions
Pre-drilled includes mounting hardware
Smooth radii carefully tailored to each rung size
Spruce wood yields the optimal training texture
Includes comprehensive guide to construction and training
  • Fingerboard size: 20mm
  • Manufacturer: Metolius
  • Material dropdown: Wood
  • Mpn: CAMP004