Metolius Powder Horn

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"Oh for the love of murgatroid why should I buy yet another piece of over priced fashion conscious climbing kit?" I hear you cry. Well worry ye not for I shall tell you how this product will change your life.

After years of white sandwiches and rucksacks full of chalk I begrudgingly decided to dispense with my doubled-up carrier bags and shell out for one these (what I thought were) overpriced storage bags - how wrong I was!

Shortly after parting with my hard earned deniro I soon discovered that rather than just using my Powder Horn to top up and revitalize my ailing chalk bag during a lengthy session I had soon dispensed with said chalk bag altogether and was using the Powder Horn as both reservoir and dispensing vessel. On top of holding copious amounts of lovely white gold this little puppy unwittingly solved my other bouldering pet hate - that of accidentally dropping or tipping up your chalk bag only to see all you precious powder billowing off down the crag or soaking up a neighboring puddle. "How does it achieve this miracle?" I hear you ask. Well unlike the usual free standing design of most bags and buckets the trusty Horn has a rounded base meaning that it is ready designed to lie in a horizontal or "fallen" position. This coupled with the Velcro closure which by some unknown force (possibly magic) closes of it's own accord when left unattended results in solving the age old problem of spilled chalk.

Not enough for you? Well the mighty Horn also comes with a front loading mesh pocket easily big enough for a role of tape a tooth/M16 bouldering brush and a brass bristled nubuk brush. Finally those clever chaps at Metolius (never ones to miss a trick) figured on making the pull tabs of the opening looped. This may seem an unreasoned coincidence to the untrained eye but for those in the know this can be used as an attachment loop for a piece of cord and hey presto you've got a monster chalk bag! They'll be no excuses on that next redpoint attempt of "Chilam Balam".

Chalk storage bag to refill your chalk bag stores over 1/2 1b of chalk
Eliminates chalk spillage inside your pack once and for all
Works just like river runner's dry bag
Velcro closure seals & is then rolled up and buckled shut
Outer mesh pocket stores small items like nail clippers brushes and tape

  • Manufacturer: Metolius
  • Mpn: POWD001

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Mark H.

The bag was a present

The bag was a present for my brother and he really likes it as he can fit it in his bag very easily with all his kit. However Postage for this item was £4.50 which seems unnecessarily expensive for a small item.