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Metolius Ultralight Mastercam 4

Size Guide
Metolius UL Master Cam Size Chart

Metolius Ultralight Mastercams

Size Weight Strength Range (mm) Colour
00 45g 5kN 8.6-11.9 Gray
0 46g 5kN 9.9-15.0 Purple
1 52g 8kN 12.4-18.0 Blue
2 55g 10kN 15.7-22.6 Yellow
3 65g 10kN 18.8-26.4 Orange
4 75g 10kN 23.6-33.5 Red
5 85g 10kN 27.7-39.6 Black
6 96g 10kN 32.5-48.0 Green
7 112g 10kN 40.0-57.5 Blue
8 129g 10kN 48.5-71.5 Purple

The Metolius Master Cam is a flexible, single-stem unit with an optimised cam angle for increased holding power when rock climbing. The new Ultralight Master Cams are twenty percent lighter than the originals. If you carry a double set of cams, the weight savings is the same as a twelve ounce canned beverage of your choice. When compared to other brands, the weight savings can be much more. The new shark fin tooth pattern gives optimised bite in soft rock.


  • 20% Lighter than the original Mastercam
  • 10 sizes: #00 - 8, sizes 7 and 8 are new and very light for their size
  • Colour-Coded 11 mm Monster sling, thumb piece and trigger
  • Range Finder system assists you in choosing the correct size cam
  • CNC machined for much greater precision than stamped or extruded cams
  • CE/UIAA certified
  • Made in the USA
  • Individually proof tested


  • Weight: 75g
  • Strength kN: 10
  • Range mm: 23.5-33.5
  • Camstops: Yes
  • Extendable Sling: No
  • Colour: Red
  • Cam Set: Individual


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