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Moon Fingerboard

Colour: Black

The Moon Fingerboard is a mid-sized climbing training board designed for intermediate to advanced finger training. 

A deservedly popular fingerboard, but be aware of the high level of ability required to get the most from this board. The largest holds are on the top and these are not much more than a finger pad deep and only the slightest bit in-cut, and the pockets are curved and increase the difficulty. Then you have the crimps…

One of the defining features on the Moon Fingerboard are the full crimps. There is mixed opinion to whether training full crimped is good or bad, one thing for certain is that you can’t always ignore them when climbing outside, so it is good to see a fingerboard with the option to train them. These crimps are small, and even the largest full crimps are less than half a finger pad deep. The other full crimps are noticeably smaller than that.

The fingerboard is compact, being average in width and not very tall, so good for those with little space. It has a hollowed out back to keep the weight down and the texture is very consistent and quite smooth to protect the skin. If you have already developed a good base of finger strength then this board can push the boundaries further than most other fingerboards. For a similar design philosophy but easier on the fingers approach, have a look at the Moon Phat Boy.

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  • 2 slightly in-cut edges
  • 2 flat pockets
  • 2 slightly sloped pockets
  • 2 small crimps
  • 2 very small crimps
  • 1 central 2-finger pocket
  • 1 central sloper


  • Size: 69cm x 13cm
  • Manufacturer: Moon
  • Material: Resin

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